Existing Stormwater Regulatory Framework and Initiatives

Appendix B

Table 10.1. Regulatory Framework and Program Initiatives to Address Flooding 

Type Initiative Description McKinley Park Status
Strategy Green Stormwater Infrastructure Strategy City of Chicago strategy to increase green infrastructure by investing $50 million to green infrastructure projects. Applied Citywide
Regulatory Stormwater Management Ordinance and Manual City of Chicago enacted ordinance to mitigate stormwater impacts for new and redevelopment. A set of development standards accompany this ordinance and include specifications for runoff control, volume control,and storage. Applied Citywide
MWRD Watershed Management Ordinance Provides requirements for stormwater management and reduction of infiltration/inflow to all tributary municipalities that discharge wastewater into MWRD facilities. Applied Citywide
Programs Green Roof Initiative Chicago program awarding grants to residential or commercial projects to install a green roof. Two installed in McKinley Park covering 66,465 sf
Green Alleys Program Program aimed to redesign city alleys for stormwater infiltration and storage using permeable pavement to capture stormwater. Unknown
Basement Flooding Partnership Created to provide technical support to communities challenged with localized flooding. Managed by the City of Chicago Department of Water Management.  Applied to McKinley Park
Private Drain Repair No cost repair service to homeowners who can prove they have broken tiles in lateral lines between the sidewalk and the main sewer line. Managed by the City of Chicago Department of Water Management.  Applied to McKinley Park
Space to Grow Program aimed to transform Chicago schoolyards into vibrant green spaces while effectively managing stormwater. Led by Openlands and the Healthy Schools Campaign with funding from CPS, MWRD and Chicago DWM. No schools part of the program

Source: Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT)

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