Goal: Preserve Neighborhood Diversity

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McKinley Park will be celebrated as a community that supports local businesses and welcomes culturally, ethnically, and linguistically diverse residents. We will elevate our diversity by preserving a wide range of housing options, promoting homeownership, empowering homeowners, and providing affordable apartments.


Cultural diversity is an important part of McKinley Park’s identity. Diversity, here, refers to residents’ racial background, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds and is an asset that helps distinguish McKinley Park from other Chicago neighborhoods. The wide variety of housing options in the neighborhood helps make local diversity possible. However, given the trend of gentrification that other neighborhoods similar to McKinley Park have experienced, a wide range of housing options must not only be preserved but also expanded in order to maintain the neighborhood’s diversity and economic stability in the long term. The contributions of residents, businesses, and organizations in McKinley Park make the community stronger. Recommendations to preserve neighborhood diversity revolve around building and sustaining community, bolstering local business, and cultivating and celebrating neighborhood identity.

there's a mention of Huck Finn here in the case study. smile
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